In The Clear

In The Clear - an app designed to alleviate the pain of unexpectadly having to travel through unfavorable weather conditions


In The Clear

Prepare Better

Driving through snow storms or thunderstorms can be stressful. In The Clear uses Dark Sky's dead accurate weather service so you can be certain the weather conditions you see, will be the conditions you can expect during your travels.

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Select Trip Stops

You are able to select your own trip stops, like an overnight hotel stay, visit to your long lost cousin, etc, and select the time that you plan on leaving.

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See The Cities You'll Be Traveling Through

Have you ever planned on stopping in a city only to find out its raining? With In The Clear, you are able to see a list of cities you will be traveling through along with the weather and conditions.

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Export to Google Maps

Who likes having to input information twice? With In The Clear, you are able to export your trip (stops included) to Google Maps.

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Web App

Version 3.0

I'm proud to announce that In The Clear now has a web app! It has all the features of the iOS app, and best of all, it's at no extra cost.

To go along with the new web app, we have a new authentication page. This will allow you to get an ad-free experience on the web app, and more soon to be released features!

I also squashed just enough bugs for me to list "bug fixes" in the release notes.

iOS 13 Support

Version 2.1

Support for Dark Mode in iOS 13 was added. If you have iOS 13.0+, you will definetly want this update!

Trip Stops

Version 2.0

You are now able to select the places you are planning on stopping at, and select a time in which you plan on leaving.

Redesign of the trip time and distance label so it not only looks better, but also tells you more information.

I also fixed some design issues that caused the app to render awkwardly on the iPhone SE.


iOS App + Web
  • Plan your trips from your iPhone or iPad
  • Plan your trips from the Web
  • Ad-free Web App Experience
  • Plan your trips from the Web
  • Ads will be shown

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